legal party pills
legal party pills
legal party pills
legal party pills
Made especially for all night long parties...

Our new TNT Party tablets provides absolute energy for RAVE parties. They are made from natural herbal stimulants and without any illegal chemicals. These pills are the legal substitue of dangerous drugs like amphetamines, ecstasy, etc...

Impossible! This is surely illegal??
Officialy TNT is just dietary supplements. It supports natural energy levels and we can also sent this product worldwide.

There are already new generations of herbal highs and TNT is one of them. We used comprehensive tests for safety and effectiveness. Our TNT products is build in USA under strict FDA standards. The results are use of high quality herbals blended to excellence.

Higher levels of energy and stamina
Extra confidence, lower inhibititon
Higher alertness and clearer thinking
Lesser costs than any other drugs
No problems with worldwide illegality
Mixing with alocohol

WARNING: Stop using immediately and contact your doctor if you experience any of this issues: dizzines, nausea or any other adverse effects. Please do not use this pills if you are suffering from serious health or mental problems. Also avoid this pills if you are on medication, pregnant or nursing.

Contents (1 pill):
10 mg Pantothentic acid (calcium pantothenate)
200mg of Proprietary Blend:
Ginger (root), Green Tea Extract, White Willow (bark)(standardized to 15% salicin),Caffeine, Citrus aurantium (standardized to 6% synepherine),N- Acetyl, Wheat Grass, L-Carnitine HCI.

Our product is suitable only for adults over 18 years of age. Use as described, read the label and please be responsible..

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legal party pills
Using these tablets provides excellent results. I could dance and party all night long without hangover on the next day.
- Mark

I am very happy with your pills. I always take a couple before party..
- David

Last night I took 2 pills along 3 vodkas and it was a blast..
- Janine

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